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Hobby Room Summerhouse Garden Room Office Home Gym

The Craftsman Hobby Room as standard is market-leading with a multitude of upgrades available to fine-tune your building to meet your exact needs. What's Included As Standard 
  • Expert Installation 
  • Double Glazed Doors & Fixed Windows 
  • Mineral Felt Roof Covering 
  • 16mm Shiplap Cladding 
  • 44mm x 44mm framing 
  • 11mm Tongue & Groove Floor 
  • 11mm T&G Roof ​​​​​​​


We All Need Space

To Relax, Work, Reflect…… LIVE!!

What do we do when we need MORE space?

​​​​​​​Where do we get it? Attic, Extention or Conservatory costs up to £2,000 per square meter!! Not to mention the impact these options have on our daily lives, you have to live within the mess and disruption. You pay a substantial cost to have your day to day life turned upside down yet still, in the end, have to adapt your in house living around the newfound space.

We at United Garden Buildings have a much cleaner, easier solution,  one that works around you, for you. A solution that is far more cost-effective and in fact just as much an investment in your property as the old conventional choice, only better!

The Craftsman Hobby Room can adapt for any use, Yoga Room, Office, Gym, Writing Room, Library, Art Studio, Man Cave, Craft Room, Meditation Space, Play Room, Home Cinema, Guest Room the list is endless.

Rooms in Houses are governed by where they can be added, for instance, space in the attic is not practical for a Workshop or down in the basement not suitable for your Hot Tub.

The Craftsman Hobby Room is far more adaptable to your needs.

How will you use yours?

The most versatile garden building on the market, The modular design gives you the freedom to position the doors and windows where suit your requirements, create a space that works for you.

Manufactured under the requirements for planning and to meet permitted development regulations.

A vast array of options available from exterior cladding types, individual layout options, endless sizes, insulation and internal cladding options, EPDM rubber roof, extra doors, walls and roof lights. Everything you need can be found in the Craftsman Hobby Room, full electrics and plumbing options to suit any use you could possibly dream of.

Quality from the outset

The foundation of the structure is of the highest quality as standard, all Timber is handpicked and quality controlled by us. we work very closely with select suppliers to ensure the timber we use is of the best quality machined to our exact specification to guarantee our personal approval.

We do not use cheap sheet material in the manufacture of the Craftsman Hobby Room to ensure a solid structure, graded timber supports in the roof and joinery made doors and windows solidify our belief that quality is at the forefront of our business.

Windows & Doors

Fully Double Glazed as standard with joinery grade timber double doors and fixed windows to the front elevation. We give you the choice to upgrade to opening windows, additional doors and windows to create your perfect layout. We also have half-height windows available to suit your office desk or worktop.

UPVC Doors & Windows Upgrade

Premium quality UPVC, Argonne filled toughened double glazing and a choice of colour finishes offers additional security and added warmth. Available as a single or double french door along with a choice of fixed or top opening long windows or the half-height opening window.

Internal Upgrade Options

  • Insulation with a choice of internal cladding options of Tongue & Groove timber or white primed V-Grooved MDF cladding board.
  • quality 14mm engineered laminate flooring available in a choice of 4 colour finishes.
  • electrics package consisting of fully certified installation with top quality finish including wall mounted heater, double sockets with USB charge point, sleek internal down-lights, integral consumer unit and connection to the mains supply.
  • Internal wall with a choice of the external or internal entrance door, ideal for storage or separate office space.

External Building Upgrades 

  • EPDM Rubber Roof Covering offers a 25years manufacturers warranty.
  • 22mm Double Floor Thickness. Gives maximum strength in the floor ideal for heavy equipment and frequent use.
  • Dip Treatment. panels are submerged in a high concentrate solution adding 5 years anti-rot guarantee to your building.
  • Pressure Treatment. The ultimate anti-rot treatment giving 15 years guarantee.
  • Timber Frame Base Supply & Install. 6×2 construction graded timber base installed by our professional team.
  • 4ft, 6ft & 8ft Decking Area. Coupled with the timber base we can add space at the front of your building.

 Upgrade your roof covering.

As standard, The Hobby Room comes with a green mineral felt roof covering. We give you the choice to upgrade your roof covering to premium EPDM Rubber, this comes with a 25-year manufacturers guarantee and a minimum 50 years life expectancy. The EPDM Rubber is a complete roof covering with no joints, this gives the best protection against the elements.

Insulate your Building 

Maximise your new garden building with our fully insulated upgrade package. Walls, floor and roof fully insulated with efficient multi-foil insulation. With reflective outer layers designed to keep your building cool in the summer and extra warm throughout winter.

The insulation package also includes the v-groove internal cladding board, comes primed white ready to paint for a clean, modern look. We have multiple other insulations and internal cladding options available.

Let There Be Light!

Fully Certified electrics packages available including connection to the mains. Huge variety of internal and external lighting options available. Multiple power socket options including external sockets as well as cat 5 cable install available.

All electrics are run through a separate fuse board inside the building so as not to interfere with the circuit in your house.


Again as ever we like to give as many options on upgrades as possible to allow you to really make your building your own. our standard heating option is an ultra-efficient wall mounted heater. We also have multiple options on water heaters should you need them.


If your looking for a multi-functional building the modular design allows you to add internal walls to split the building up to multiple rooms for many uses, we can also create a large overhang to the side perfect for a covered seating area or a place for the hot tub.


With a wide range of floor covering options such as Laminate, vinyl, Engineered Wood, LVT, Carpet and Rubber.

The building comes with a solid 19mm T&G floor giving great strength and stability for your chosen floor covering to be added for the finishing touch.


We recommend a solid level base for your building to be built upon. Traditionally Garden Buildings are purchased based on existing concrete or slabbed base, not only can this restrict your options on size but often found an old base can be unlevel causing issues for your new building. Options are obviously to have the existing base made good and extended if needed but the old concrete or slabbed options can prove expensive, we at United Garden Buildings offer a cost-effective alternative that can be installed directly over any existing ground. Our Timber Base system is installed with minimal disruption to your existing ground and can often be done within the same day as your building install.

We use high-quality construction graded C24 Pressure Treated Timber, one of the greater features of this system as well as the speed of install, is once installed the base has good airflow beneath which will prevent moisture build-up prolonging the life of your building.

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